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Our aim is to provide resources for students and teachers that combine teaching English with teaching the Bible.

Resources We Offer

Basic English

These resources are for those who are just beginning to learn English.

Bible and ESL

These are lessons that focus first on the Bible and teach English at the same time.

Bible Study

These free advanced worksheets are for students who want to dive deeper into studying different Biblical genres.

Church ESL Programs

Invitations, surveys, and curriculum for use in a church-based ESL program are included here.

Conversational English

For those who want to learn conversational English, these resources are for you.


These lessons teach both grammar and the Bible.


These resources are intended to assist with the pronunciation of important, yet often difficult, sounds in American English.


These are lessons to teach a variety of vocabulary words for all levels.

MAY/JUNE 2024 Classroom Phrases

This reference page provides helpful phrases to be used in the classroom. English/Spanish translation.

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Looking for more extensive resources? We have 2 books available as PDF downloads and 2 books available to be shipped in the US. Click on the images or the button below to find out more.

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"I am helping with a 3-day campaign for high schoolers in Thailand.
We are wanting to teach the Bible while integrating English and your website was perfect."
Tania (Thailand)



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