The Gospels

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The Gospels are: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They are considered prose and narrative, so the information written in those sections apply to the Gospels. Remember that the focus of the Gospels is on Jesus and often one of their primary goals is to show that He is the Messiah. The Kingdom of God is central. Following are some steps to take to aid in their interpretation:17


Look at the broader sweep/context when reading the Gospels (since they are narratives). Write the main theme of the Gospel or context in the space below.


For the Gospels, it is important to know something about the historical setting and culture. Look up background information and write what you learned below:


The accounts given by each of the Gospel writers is from their perspective and emphasis (inspired by the Holy Spirit). Compare the passage you are studying to the corresponding one (if it exists) in the other 3 Gospels. Summarize the similarities and differences below:

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