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The Observation phase of Bible study is just that, observe anything and everything. Here you will note things such as: words that are repeated, argument flow, words that are key to the meaning of the passage, illustrations and their purpose, etc. It is simple the “taking notes” stage. See yourself as an investigator that is watching and watching some more. Ask yourself investigative type questions such as: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? The goal of this phase is to figure out what the passage is saying.
Passage________________________________________Genre __________________________________

Begin with prayer. Then read the passage. If possible, read it aloud. Write notes below. If desired, put the verse reference in parentheses next to your notes.

On a separate piece of paper, arrange the passage in order to show the structure and flow of the verses. Look for main points, supporting statements, changes in topics, transitions, repetitions, etc. Draw lines between sections, circle key words/repetition, underline key phrases, annotate any questions you have, and draw arrows for connections.

If desired, create a book chart for the passage. Determine sections, drawing vertical lines between them.

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