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Under the Application phase, you want to ask, “How can I change?” or “What does this mean in my context?” Furthermore, meditate on what God would have you do to change your world as a result of listening to the text. In other words, you want to apply the passage to your head, heart, and hands.

Daniel Doriani says that four overarching questions to ask when applying a passage are:4
“What should I do?” “Who should I be/become?” “What cause should I devote myself to?” and “How can I discern truth from error in this passage?”

Jack Kuhatscheck suggests that in order to apply a passage, follow three steps:5
1. Understand the original situation and the application the author intended.
2. Figure out the broader principle.
3. Apply that principle to our context.


Reflect on the passage and answer the following questions as you seek to apply the meaning to your own life/situation.


What did I learn about God? How can I show a deeper love for Him?
What did I learn about others and relationships?
Is there anything different I should do to reflect my love for others?
What did I learn about myself? Are there any attitudes or behaviors I should change?
What is the good news?

Write the main idea of the passage and then rephrase it into an “application question.” Pray and reflect, responding when ready.


The author says:
Rephrase main idea in question (Am I..?)
My response

In the pages that follow, we will show that there are specific principles to understand for each genre (or literary category) of the Bible. Additionally, there are specific application questions that relate to each genre. Dr. Russell has written questions to help in applying passages that occur in each genre:

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