A special thanks to the people of Fort William Baptist Church and the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and
Quebec who, through their generous support and encouragement, have made this project possible.
Also to family, friends, photographers, artists, designers, programmers, editors, etc. for their invaluable contributions and input!
Please note that we are currently updating our website so many of the drop down menus are not available. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you are in immediate need of the Answer Key or any of our other resources, please send us a note by clicking on the "Contact" link. This book teaches English (ESL/EFL) within a Biblical context and in a pictorial format.It focuses on the top 1,000 most frequently used vocabulary words. It also presents an overview of pronunciation and key grammatical concepts. At the same time, it teaches major parables, verses, narratives, and themes from Scripture. Also included are suggestions for classroom games, lessons, and activities. The book can be ordered here for shipments to the U.S. and Canada. For shipment to all other countries, the book is available on Amazon:Amazon and Barnes and Noble: Barnes and Noble  

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Purpose of the Book

The purpose of this book is to provide students (and teachers) with a resource to learn English/ESL (English as a Second Language) in a Biblical context. Our aim is to create a collection of reference pages that will lay a sound foundation for learning/teaching the English language.

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Book Highlights

• Pages written at various levels (beginning through advanced) so students/teachers can choose which pages are appropriate to the level they need
• A focus on high frequency vocabulary to enable students to concentrate on words that will be the most beneficial to them
• An emphasis on practical English - including common conversational phrases
• Colorful and varied illustrations to help maintain student interest
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About the Author

MariAnne Dibbley has taught ESL/English for over 15 years in a variety of contexts, including university, middle school, and ESL school settings. In 1999, she established the California English Language Academy to teach ESL in her local community. During the school’s ten years of operation, she frequently wrote her own curriculum.

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This is EXCELLENT! I told my husband with this book he and I (non-teachers) could go teach English somewhere in the world!
(Donna, missionary in Papua New Guinea for 20 years)

We adopted a little girl from an African orphanage who is deaf!! This is a wonderful resource! Thank you very, very, much.
( Pamela, Homeschool Teacher)

This is a great book. It is very helpful to me, especially the grammar.
(Raymond, student at church ESL program)

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